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The long-awaited “Zarrar” by Shaan Shahid is set for release on September 23.


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Zarrar, the new film by Shaan Shahid, will premiere on September 23. The renowned actor posted an announcement on social media saying, “Now is the time to act! Zarrar is scheduled for release on September 23, 2022.

Two years ago, a trailer for a forthcoming action movie was released, and by the looks of things, the film will have a huge conspiracy at its center, like so many other spy thrillers. The teaser opened with a scene depicting an international plot to destabilize Pakistan. The attack is depicted as coming from every direction, encompassing the entire country.

While fundamentalists, in the name of religion, organize an attack from within, it is also hinted that the West and India are working together to wage a massive propaganda effort against it. Nayyer Ejaz is shown wishing a “celebration to the dark future of Pakistan” as the sequence fades to black.

Next, we are treated to a brief action sequence in which Shaan’s titular character, Zarrar, single-handedly puts down a band of terrorists. He introduces himself in a low tone as a member of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) team dedicated to the elimination of potential threats.

The enemy’s goal is to seize control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. It appears that Zarrar and his team are our only hope at this point. In addition to the intense action, the film also features a romantic relationship between Shaan and Kiran Malik. Shaan, who has been in Hollywood for a long time, has said that the events in Zarrar are based on real events. 

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