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Actress Mahenur Haider shares why she stopped wearing a burqa, citing family and friends’ lack of support.


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Mahenur Haider, known for her role as ‘Apana’ in the popular drama ‘Khay,’ recently revealed on Ahmed Ali Butt’s podcast why she decided to stop wearing a burqa. Despite her family’s religious practices, which include regular prayers, there was no tradition of wearing a burqa or covering their heads with dupattas or shawls.

She began wearing a burqa in 2009 during the ninth grade, hoping to adhere to her personal beliefs. However, her father’s reaction was unexpected—he laughed and questioned the move as hypocritical, urging her to focus on inner growth before outward appearances.

Mahenur also faced mockery from friends and lacked support from her mother, who felt she looked out of place when they went out together. These reactions eventually led Mahenur to stop wearing the burqa altogether. Now, she chooses to wear it occasionally, without covering her head with a dupatta to avoid public scrutiny over her appearance choices.

This candid revelation highlights Mahenur Haider’s journey regarding religious attire and personal identity.

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