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HSY Reveals Truth Behind Pakistani Celebrities’ Transformations: Good Weather or Plastic Surgery?


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Renowned fashion designer Hasan Sheheryar Yasin, known as HSY, has sparked conversation with candid revelations about Pakistani actors’ appearances. In a recent appearance on Ahmed Ali Butt’s YouTube podcast, HSY disclosed that many Pakistani celebrities have undergone plastic surgery to enhance their looks, often attributing their transformations to trips abroad.

According to HSY, “All male actors in Pakistan look the same because they’ve had fillers for their hairstyles, beards, cheeks, and noses.” He humorously noted how actors return from trips to Dubai or Turkey looking more attractive, attributing their changed appearances to the ‘good weather’ there.

Despite these transformations, HSY emphasized that true beauty originates from within, beyond makeup or surgical enhancements. He praised authenticity in Pakistani showbiz, highlighting figures like Mehwish Hayat for their natural beauty, while acknowledging Ayesha Omar’s striking presence.

This revelation by HSY sheds light on the lengths celebrities go to maintain their dazzling appearances in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

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