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Nauman Ijaz Responds to Khalilur Rehman Qamar’s Controversial Comments with a Subtle Instagram Post


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Renowned Pakistani actor Nauman Ijaz has subtly reacted to Khalilur Rehman Qamar’s recent controversial remarks. Qamar had criticized Ijaz harshly in a private TV interview, calling him “despicable” and expressing strong personal dislike. This sparked a backlash from Ijaz’s supporters on social media, who criticized Qamar for his inappropriate language towards the veteran actor.

In response, Nauman Ijaz took to his official Instagram handle and shared a reflective message alongside a candid photo of himself. He wrote, “Seeds grow silently, but trees fall loudly. Destruction makes noise, while creation happens quietly.” The actor continued, “There is immense power in silence, so let us move forward quietly. May Allah bless you all with happiness.”

This subtle yet poignant response from Nauman Ijaz reflects his graceful handling of the situation, emphasizing positivity and peace amidst controversy.

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