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People are duped into thinking Humayun is capable of acting: Firdous Jamal

During a recent appearance on a local talk show, the veteran actor tried to bury an earlier controversy while giving birth to another.


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During a recent appearance on a local talk show, veteran actor Firdous Jamal attempted to bury one controversy while spawning another. The well-known actor explained his sexist comment about Mahira Khan’s age, and he also said he didn’t like Pakistani heartthrob Humayun Saeed.

“Humayun Saeed has no voice, no personality, no body language,” Jamal observed.

This is when Ahmed Ali Butt, the show’s host who has collaborated with Saeed on several projects, stepped in and said, “But our biggest star is Humayun. He slams one after the other. ” “Some people can be duped into thinking he’s a good actor,” the veteran actor responded.

Regarding Mahira Khan:

In response to the infamous controversy surrounding his ageist remarks about Mahira Khan, Jamal stated that he had never harbored any personal animosity toward any actor; his criticism was solely based on their talents.

Jamal later added, “I don’t say anything to anybody based on personal grudges.” I’ve been blessed far beyond what I thought I deserved. I speak on technical grounds, and because I am an artist, I do not watch their work as a normal viewer. “

“I shared that Mahira should do character roles,” Jamal said of the Verna star. He elaborated, saying, “To us, a heroine is a teen—someone between the ages of 15 and 16—who is bubbly and chirpy. like a doll. So there’s a distinction between a woman and a heroine. So I simply stated that Mahira should pursue more womanly roles rather than heroines. She’s too young for the latter roles. I never meant to imply that she is old. ” Jamal retorted, “For example, if I starred as a hero in a project, I’d look terrible.”

Xarnish Khan joins in.

Actress Xarnish Khan also shared her thoughts on the veteran on Instagram, along with a ‘fruitful thought.’ “Respect cannot be demanded; it must be earned,” the Aitebaar actor wrote. Khan wrote in a post about Jamal’s comments about Saeed, “He [Jamal] cracks me up with his weird issues with things and people (no offense intended).”

Khan wrote about her own interaction with Jamal: “We were working on a project together a long time ago, and I asked, ‘AOA Firdous Uncle, how are you?’ and he was irritated because, “Woman, I didn’t go into show business to be addressed as an uncle.” Khan stated that Jamal’s response made her uncomfortable. “Uncle or no uncle, he could have been polit

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