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The story of self-discovery and perseverance in ‘Guru’ sounds riveting.

The challenges that affect modern society are the subject of Project, a social critique.


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The first trailer for the upcoming film Guru from Express Entertainment has arrived, and it looks like it will deliver some serious drama with a contemporary edge. A woman goes into labor during a violent storm, and she spends the night writhing in pain and panicking on her bed. Her husband’s icy proclamation that her value is contingent on bearing a son only adds to the pressure of societal expectations.

She is petrified that her husband will hurt her and the baby if she gives birth to a girl. Now we cut to a scene where an intersex person finds an abandoned kid.

Here we meet Ali Rehman Khan, whose intersex persona perfectly captures the complexities and subtleties of this job. This is the beginning of a long and difficult fight to shield the child from the brutal reality of their society and bring her back together with her separated family.

The trailer is full of dramatic moments that will leave an impression on viewers. While her infant sleeps in her arms, we see the mother’s haunted eyes as she stares into the depths of misery.

Khan’s character, here seen in deep thought, foreshadows the inner struggles and individual adventures to come. Khan’s character is also shown playing for an audience, illuminating the difficult reality of life for those from marginalised areas who must often resort to difficult measures to survive.

Guru looks like it will be a stunning examination of sexism in society, with a focus on the importance of having a son. The story explores the inner lives of its protagonists, revealing how prejudice, drug misuse, and a rigid social class system have affected them. Drama delivers a captivating portrayal of varied individuals, with Zhalay Sarhadi, Hira Khan, and Umer Aalam leading a talented ensemble cast.

One of the drama’s producers, Shazia Wajahat, praised Khan for boldly stepping out of his comfort zone to play a hard character. This bold move into a whole new aesthetic direction demonstrates the actor’s willingness to take risks and venture into unfamiliar terrain.

The future project, then, seems like more than just a TV drama; it’s a societal reflection on the problems facing modern society. Guru, premiering on June 7 and airing weekly on Wednesdays at 8 p.m., is sure to leave a lasting impression on its audience.

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