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Syra and Shahroz want you to watch “Babylicious” with your family as well as on a date.

As Syra and Shahroz get ready for "Babylicious," they look beyond their own relationships and above petty interpersonal conflicts.


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In the new movie Babylicious, Syra Yousuf and Shahroz Sabzwari will play an old couple who used to be together. Even though they don’t live together, the fact that they work together professionally has sparked a lot of interest.

Babylicious will come out on June 27, the same day as Eidul Azha. Its story is meant to make people feel good. The Express Tribune talked to Syra, Shahroz, and other actors to find out more about the movie.

In an older clip that was going around, Syra and Shahroz talked about whether Babylicious is a movie for a date or for the whole family. Shahroz said in the video that it’s a family movie, but he contradicted himself in this chat. “I said it’s a family movie in an interview yesterday or somewhere else. “We don’t know what to do,” Syra said. Shahroz then said, “Basically, we want you to go to Eid with your family on the first day, on a date on the second day, and by yourself on the third day. You should watch it three times.”

The question was also asked of Mohi Abro and Aadi Adeal Amjad, and Syra and Shahroz’s confusion was mentioned. “This is a big issue,” Mohi said. Aadi, on the other hand, said, “Watch it with family or on a date. It’s a romantic movie, but your whole family can watch it with you. It will remind older people of the love they had when they were young, and it might teach younger people what love is.”

The project has been going on for a long time. When asked if the main feeling was one of relief or sadness, Shahroz said with certainty that it was one of relief. The Nand star said, “The project was stuck; COVID caused many delays, and now we’re actually happy.” “I was pleased with the dubbing when we saw it. We worry a lot before a movie comes out because people pay money to see movies. The worry is always that the movie should look good, and we thought it did. I liked the movie, so I’m feeling pretty good about things.”

Syra continued, “I think I’m excited because I thought for a while that the movie might not come out… I was more excited when I found out that we were actually going to release it.

When asked about working on the movie even though they were no longer together or about the chance of working together in the future, a gentle interruption made it clear that this was a no-go zone. Still, after taking a moment to think, Syra said, “This goes beyond—I mean, for us, this is about how our family works. We have a child together, and we make sure she stays healthy.” We always say that the good thing is for our child. And let’s see what happens.”

Syra said, “You know, I think that puts too much pressure on the project itself. But I think, overall, it’s the way the movie makes you feel. People will go see it and have fun with it because it’s a feel-good movie.”

Shahroz said, “As Pakistanis, we are always trying to find something to be happy about in any field. This is also a business. I’m not sure what we call it, but it is a business. So I think anyone who goes to see it will be proud of the fact that it was made by Pakistanis. It’s a film made in Pakistan. We shouldn’t feel like we have to be proud just because it’s a Pakistani movie. I’m against that. If something is good, support it. Our country is in a lot of trouble. People will be happy and proud, if God wills it.”

When asked why people should go see the movie, Shahroz said, “If they want butterflies in their stomachs.” Syra said that everyone has gone through a Babylicious moment, which makes it easy to understand. Shahroz then said, “Even if they’re not in that phase, if they want to remember or talk about a Babylicious phase they went through, It has to do with your first love. I think we all want to do that again, or if we’re already doing it, we want to go back and watch it again.”

Shahroz said that constructive feedback affects him in a “healthy way.” Syra agreed and said, “I think I’m pretty critical of my own work, so if someone else’s criticism makes sense to me, I’ll definitely look into it.” Shahroz added, “Sometimes we’re blind to our own work.” But Syra said, “Too much criticism is just noise to me when I know it’s too much for no reason.”

Mohi portrays Nido, a nerd who struggles between his friendship with Shahroz’s Omer and his love for his girlfriend. When asked about the project’s release, he said, “We’re glad the work we’ve done won’t go to waste now that the film is coming out. It took a while, but it’s finally getting better. That makes us very happy. There’s also excitement because people are getting ready for something.” Mohi added, “It didn’t feel like work,” which shed more light on the whole experience. I would go to work and think I was having a good time.”

Aadi, who plays the same-named character in Babylicious, talked about how his character is the “bad egg” in the group of friends. When asked about working with Syra and Shahroz, he said, “It was a lot of fun. I liked their energy, their vibe, their skill, and their art. Even though there were some stressful situations, there were never any fights or arguments. We had a great time with everyone.”

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