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On Friday, IMRAN KHAN will reveal the start date for the long march.


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On Saturday, former prime minister and current Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan promised to announce the date of the party’s long march to Islamabad the next Friday, October 28.

At a press conference, the former prime minister and PTI Senator Azam Swathi said that the date of their “Haqeeqi Azadi March” (long march) would be announced next Thursday or Friday. They also warned the government not to do anything to stop the march.

Imran Khan, when asked about secret negotiations, said, “I am not expecting any meaningful result from backchannel talks.” He continued, “Political parties always hold backdoor talks, but I don’t think these ongoing talks will have any meaningful outcome.”

If the government tried to stop his “Azadi March,” he said, it would turn into chaos. He continued, “I would not stand by this time and let the government torture or harass my party leaders and workers again. Let the government torture or harass my party leaders and workers again.”

The ex-prime minister continued by saying that the current rulers have been defeated in the most recent by-elections. That’s why they wouldn’t call for elections to be held quickly, he said.

Earlier on October 17, the former prime minister said he would lead a long march to Islamabad if the coalition government didn’t call elections.

The PTI chief said he was giving the coalition government some more time to call elections, but he would not postpone the Azadi march past October.

For the good of the country, Imran Khan said he was cooperating with the government. He warned that his preparations to march on Islamabad were nearly complete and that the government still had time to call elections.

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