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Nvidia claims a cyber intrusion exposed employee and corporate data.


SANTA CLARA, Reuters reports – On Tuesday, US chipmaker Nvidia Corp. said that their systems had been infiltrated and that a cyber attacker had disclosed passwords and private information of business employees online.

Ransomware has not been deployed on the Nvidia environment or linked to the situation between Russia and Ukraine, according to a company spokeswoman.

The breach was discovered on January 23rd, according to the Santa Clara, California-based corporation. According to Nvidia, the firm is trying to assess the material that has been disclosed and does not expect any impact to its operations.

A cyber assault has purportedly “compromised entirely” Nvidia.

The biggest semiconductor firm in the United States, Intel, has been experiencing problems with its graphics chip business for the last two days, according to The Telegraph.

Nvidia’s internal services, including email and development tools, have been down since last week due to a criminal network breach.

It’s not yet apparent whether any data has been taken from Nvidia, whether it’s internal or customer data, or if the assault was purely intended to disrupt systems.

“We’re looking at something right now. At this point, we have no more information to provide “An Nvidia spokesman confirmed this to The Telegraph.

An Nvidia representative told Bloomberg earlier this week: “Our commercial and business operations continue as usual. Additional information on the occurrence is unavailable at this time since we are currently trying to determine its nature and extent.”

Although governments and businesses worldwide are on high alert for possible cyberattacks, Bloomberg says that this incident is not related to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

It is possible that Nvidia would shut down its servers in order to minimize additional harm, cyber security expert Alan Woodward has said.

As Dr. Woodward put it, “the most serious risk is that something has been inserted into one of the software upgrades.”

For their customers, they will be checking over their software to see if there is any evidence that anything has been modified.

Nvidia’s cloud gaming service GeForce Since included a list of upcoming PC games that were datamined and leaked, several of which have now been launched or verified.

Lapsus$ ransomware has purportedly claimed responsibility for the breach and seems to include information regarding schematics, drivers, and firmware, as well as other data about graphics chips.

Currently, Nvidia has a market value of almost $600 billion, making it the most expensive chipmaker in the US. Its graphics processing units (GPU) are well-known for enhancing videogames and complex computer simulations.

Sajjad Ahmed
Sajjad Ahmed
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