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Kristen Stewart opens out about her upcoming nuptials to boyfriend Dylan Meyer.


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Wedding bells are ringing at our Bella’s house! All of Kristen Stewart’s wedding preparations were disclosed in a recent interview with CBS’ Sunday Morning, according to Just Jared. For the uninitiated, Spencer actor Stewart revealed her engagement to her then-boyfriend of two years, Dylan Meyer, in November.

She disclosed the exciting news during an earlier appearance on Sirius XM’s The Howard Stern Show when Kristen said: “Because I wanted to be asked to marry her, I believe I was pretty clear about what I wanted, and she got it just right. There is no doubt about it: We are getting married.” The actress from Panic Room had also gone into great length about the aspects of her wedding that she desired or did not want. It’s everything here, from the fake tuxedo T-shirt to the lack of an aisle walk to the intimate wedding and lavish reception that follow. A pandemic wedding was also off the table for Kristen, who said, “I don’t want COVID to be like a thing.”

In an interview, Kristen admitted that the preparation was far from complete and remarked, “I don’t think so. It’s a bit of a harrowing experience. Yes, there is a lot on my plate at the moment.” “It’ll happen when it’s destined to happen,” the Twilight actor said. Further, she stated: “However, I also don’t want to be engaged for more than a few years at a time. For want of a better word, we’d like to do it.” Tracy Smith, Stewart’s interviewer, observed, “sooner rather than later,” and Stewart nodded in agreement.

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