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About us

It was launched in January 2016 by editor Umar John as NEXT TV. It is a news, analysis, opinion, and knowledge venture. In terms of politics and policy, Entertainment are the primary focus. NEXT TV’s Editor-in-Chief has written an open letter explaining why the publication exists and what it stands for.

Aiming to build a national network of investigative and questioning journalism, we are based in Washington DC metropolitan area but plan to expand across United States. Please refer to our journalists’ code of ethics.

South Asian-targeted programming has long been a hallmark of NEXT TV, a pioneer in the field. Access to NEXT TV is worldwide. NEXT TV has the reach, size, and power to make an impact on your business in the rapidly expanding affluent South Asian market.. NEXT TV is closely monitoring the situation.

We’ve got all the latest in South Asian entertainment news and rumors right here. All the latest celebrity beauty and fashion trends are covered on NEXT TV, which features everything from fashion fails to exclusive celebrity interviews.

It is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about the entertainment industry, from business and fashion to Indian and Pakistani music and celebrity gossip. Stream the latest fashion, movie trailers, and more live with the best quality available.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are all ways to keep up with NEXT TV.

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Editor in Chief & CEO

Introducing Umar John, a creative and accomplished CEO, Editor in Chief, and digital media expert with over 22 years of experience in the industry. As the CEO and Editor in Chief of NEXT Lifestyle TV Channel, Umar has established himself as a visionary leader in the media world. Umar’s background as an artist, graphic designer, filmmaker, and cinematographer has given him a unique perspective on the digital media landscape, and his skills have been put to use in a variety of projects, including his most recent Hollywood Docudrama film, “Angels Within”, a critically acclaimed film that was a Contender for the 2018 Oscar. he co-produced and his company, Hummingbird Film Studios, handled all production jobs. With his vast experience and creative talents, Umar has become a respected figure in the industry and is poised to continue making an impact in the world of digital media.

Board of Advisors

Sajid Tarar

Board of Advisors

Sajid Tarar is the chairman of Muslims of America and a businessman, activist, and lawyer. American Muslim for Trump founder and prominent pro-Trump Republican party leader from Baltimore. He is of Pakistani descent. Sajid served as a trusted Muslim advisor to former President Trump. Sajid also runs a private, non-profit organization in Baltimore called the Center for Social Change as its chief executive officer.

Jasdip Singh Jesse

Board of Advisors

Sikhs of America, Inc. Chairman Jasdip Singh Jesse. Political activist and successful businessman of Indian descent living in Maryland who founded the Republican group Sikhs for Trump to advocate for President Trump. Jasdip Singh Jesse, an American Sikh who served as a trusted adviser to the former president. Jesse also serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the Center for Social Change, a private non-profit organization in Baltimore.

Meet the team

Asad Khan

Executive Producer

Akram Butt

Executive Producer

Imran Butt

Executive Producer

Sibtain Kazmi

TV Host

Raheel Azhar

TV Host

Rizwam Malik

TV Host

Shah Faisal

Cricket Correspondent

Umm E Ammara

Writer and Columnist

Tabassum Saleem

Bureau Chief, France

Muhammad Sajjad

Journalist / WebDev

Rahul Khan

Executive Producer - India

Saleha Kashif

Content writer