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Bushra Ansari tells the FIA about fake accounts that use her name to threaten Imran Khan.

The experienced actress has said that more than ten fake accounts are out there pretending to be her.


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Bushra Ansari has been under fire recently for what many see as threats she made against PTI leader and former prime minister Imran Khan on Twitter. Since then, the actor has said that she will tell the FBI’s cybercrime unit about the tweets since they were clearly posted from a fake account.

Bushra Ansari filed a complaint with the FIA’s Cybercrime Reporting Center in Karachi regarding the impersonation of social media accounts. The Udaari star claims that miscreants have created more than ten phony accounts in her name on the microblogging site and are exploiting her fame for partisan gain.

While this may be the first time Ansari has actually done anything about these accounts, she has been vocal about her disapproval for quite some time. Two years ago, she used a Twitter account made in her name to show how upset she was with the way politics were being talked about.

In a similar vein, she has reiterated that the tweets against Khan that were attributed to her were posted from fictitious accounts and that her true political beliefs are not at all represented by these tweets or accounts. Ansari has consistently shown his support for PTI.

Last year, actors Saba Qamar Zaman, Sana Javed, and Hadiqa Kiani were also made to look like someone else on the microblogging site. 

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