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Minal Khan Calls for Supportive Space for New Mothers Amid Unrealistic Expectations


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Television actor Minal Khan, known for her role in “Ishq Hai” and as the twin sister of Aiman Khan, recently opened up about the challenges facing new mothers, including the pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards. Eight months after giving birth to her son Hasan, Minal took to Instagram to share her thoughts, resonating deeply with fans worldwide.

“In awe of the life-changing experience of bringing a life into this world,” Minal expressed gratitude towards her family and husband Ahsan Mohsin Ikram for their unwavering support. However, she also highlighted the societal pressure new mothers face to quickly shed post-pregnancy weight, describing it as taking a toll on her.

“The pressure of bouncing back, looking one’s best despite not feeling it after gaining over 40kg during pregnancy is overwhelming,” Minal shared. She emphasized that many new mothers, both in and out of the spotlight, struggle with similar challenges and feelings of isolation.

Encouraging fellow “new mamas,” Minal rallied for solidarity, stating, “You’re not alone, we’re in this together and we got this! Let’s show the world who runs the show.” Her post sparked a wave of support from fans commending her openness and authenticity.

Acknowledging the unique scrutiny faced by public figures, Minal’s post resonated with fans who appreciated her candidness on a topic often glossed over in public discourse. As comments poured in, many expressed gratitude for Minal’s honesty and solidarity in navigating the complexities of motherhood under the spotlight.

Minal Khan, who tied the knot with Ahsan Mohsin Ikram in a grand ceremony in September 2021, announced their pregnancy to fans in July 2023 and welcomed their son Hasan in November of the same year.

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