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American Sikh Leader Jasdip Singh Jesse Voices Solidarity with Kulwinder Kaur Amid Kangana Ranaut Controversy


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Washington D.C. — Prominent American Sikh leader Jasdip Singh Jesse has expressed strong support for Kulwinder Kaur, a lady constable who responded to BJP Member of Parliament and actress Kangana Ranaut. Jesse announced his readiness to provide necessary financial or legal support to Kaur.

Jasdip Singh Jesse criticized Kangana Ranaut for her continual controversial remarks that target Punjab and its cultural identity. Following a recent incident at an airport, Ranaut’s comments suggested a potential resurgence of terrorism in Punjab, which has caused significant controversy.

“Kangana Ranaut should focus on messages that unify and build brotherhood. Punjabis are vital to India’s progress and should not be marginalized,” Jesse stated.

Jasdip Singh elaborated on the incident involving Kulwinder Kaur. He explained, “Although we do not promote violence, Kulwinder Kaur’s reaction was triggered by her emotional response to previous statements made by Kangana against Punjab and the women who participated in the farmers’ protest. In the heat of the moment, she could not control her emotions.”

The American Sikh leader urged the BJP leadership to curb its members from making inflammatory statements that could ignite public sentiments and lead to adverse outcomes. “Although conflict is not desirable, sometimes it arises from emotional responses. Leaders must use their words to heal and unite, not divide,” he added.

Jasdip Singh Jesse plans to address Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah about the incident, stressing the negative political implications of such controversial statements. “Even though Kangana Ranaut won a seat, her rhetoric has led to defeats in other areas. Candidates who provoke controversy should not be favored,” Jesse emphasized.

Jesse’s dedication to promoting communal harmony and his proactive stance in supporting Kulwinder Kaur highlight a significant moment in political and cultural discourse in India.

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