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Aima Baig is seeking $100 million, In a lawsuit against a media outlet.

The singer put a copy of the court order on social media and asked the public to apologize in two days.


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Musician Aima Baig has threatened legal action against a local media outlet for “falsely” reporting that she admitted to having a crush on her brother, who is seven years her senior.

After being hit with “shameless yellow journalism” and false allegations. The Baazi singer posted screenshots of the court papers to her Instagram Stories on Friday and called on her peers to do the same.

“It’s time to take a stand against fake news and yellow journalism,” which is only done for the sake of comments and likes. “I refuse to be a victim any longer, so I’m taking action to protect myself and others,”. Aima Baig said, posting images of the notification he’d received.

The legal letter that was posted online said, “A study of the news, post, or story makes it clear that you. That intentionally misled the public with the bad intention to hurt my client.” Also, the notification said that the website “spread the phony story” that Baig had a crush on her older brother. They “attributed an inaccurate, false, and scandalous statement” to her.

In the affidavit, it was also said, “If you listened to the previous interview with my client, which you mention in your post or story, with an open mind, you would hear that she never said what you say she said.””Clearly, you have taken quotes out of context and misapplied them in an effort to smear my client’s name and ruin her reputation, which is a heinous crime in and of itself.”

The newspaper was sued for defamation and told to pay Rs 100 million in damages and “offer an unconditional written apology within 48 hours” of getting noticed. The lawsuit requests that they issue an official apology across all of their social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and that the false news item be removed.

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