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Abrarul Haq was reportedly “mobbed” by PTI members at his London concert.

Recently, the singer Abrarul Haq has distanced himself from the Pakistani political party and the government.


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In an unexpected turn of events, members of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party mobbed the singer Abrarul Haq following his performance at a recent concert. The organizers called the police in to restore order after a heated exchange and a physical altercation.

A performance featuring Abrarul Haq, who has recently distanced himself from PTI and politics, was organized by the housing society of Pakistani business tycoon Aleem Khan and held in London. The artist stuck to the schedule and gave an unforgettable performance, captivating the crowd with his hit songs.

However, things went downhill during the concert’s subsequent media engagement session. Workers from the PTI swarmed Abrarul Haq, creating a tense situation that escalated into a brawl involving party members. The singer’s security team, and the press. The organizers of the concert called the police as the situation worsened.

The London police department arrived quickly and took over. Abrarul Haq was taken to jail and taken away from the event for his own protection. After the chaos at the concert, a video online shows the musician refusing to exit his car.

Videos of the Nach Punjaban singer’s Abrarul Haq performance and the chaos that followed have gone viral. On YouTube and other video-sharing sites. The artist stated again, in one of these videos, that his decision to leave politics was entirely his own and not due to any other pressure. Abrarul Haq said that he will exercise his right to vote in the future. But he does not see himself becoming a politician at this time.

Since the attack in London in Abrar, people have been thinking more about how to keep performers safe at in public shows. It has also helped people see the difficulties of balancing the two worlds of showbiz and politics.

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