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Yumna Zaidi has “never picked up a bat or ball,” but she still hopes to do well in her first film role as a cricket player (‘Nayab’).

A well-known TV actress has made a surprising choice for her cinematic debut. Yumna Zaidi has "never picked up a bat or ball.


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Yumna Zaidi, who starred in the critically acclaimed TV shows Sinf-e-Aahan, Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi, Bakhtawar, and Tere Bin, will soon be seen in the feature film Nayab, a sports drama.

Yumna Zaidi told Independent Urdu that she has to take special caution when moving from one medium to another. She stated, “I’m very excited and also careful about the fact that this is my debut film,” adding that while she isn’t feeling nervous or anxious about the film at the moment, that might change as the release date draws near.

Before Nayab, Yumna Zaidi had been offered many other film roles but had always declined. But the film’s “strong content” from director Umair Nasir Ali won her over. “It’s a wonderful tale with deep significance. Everyone is giving it their all to carry it out properly. We want to do this material justice so that moviegoers leave the theatre with a positive experience.

The actor who played Nayab in Tere Bin will reprise his role as the Karachiite who loves cricket but is hesitant to pursue his dream due to peer pressure and a lack of opportunities. Despite my belief that cricket is practically a national pastime in Pakistan, I had never picked up a bat or ball before this shoot. I have put in a lot of time practicing. It’s been a long journey, but I’ve enjoyed every step of it, from learning the basics of cricket to playing on the actual pitch.

She went on to say that she had little interest in Pakistani cricket. It takes a lot of work to avoid stereotyping people when you’re trying to master an accent for a role or represent a tribe in a drama. This function is the same. I have given this area my undivided attention and emphasis. I hope to do honor to this cricket-obsessed girl’s character.

Zaidi, who has won multiple Emmys for her TV roles, was recently asked if she believes she can give film stars a run for their money in her debut feature. That’s the same cast, by the way. Do we have a new cast for the movie? False, right? That being the case, the rivalry remains unchanged.

She continued, “I don’t think our film industry is at a point where we can even think about competition. It’s up to us to move it forward; I’m not at a stage where I have to worry about competing with anyone else. Right now, everyone’s main focus should be on strengthening the industry so that healthy competition may emerge.

She described Nayab, the character she plays, as a “daring” girl whose desire knows no bounds. Rivalries are also present in the picture. The audience will love it, and they’ll be able to identify with my personality.

Nayab features Zaidi as an unusual character for his first film appearance. She answered, “Whenever I find a script that is worth it,” when asked when audiences may expect to see her in a “normal heroine’s” part. If you’re familiar with my TV work, you know that I’ve experimented with a wide range of genres and roles. More so than any other actor (that I’m aware of) in the business. All of my current and completed works feature many plotlines, and I intend to continue this practice in my future film projects as well.

The press announcement for Nayab states that the story takes place in Karachi. It centers on believable, likable characters and uses cricket as a backdrop. It deals with the disappointment of a brother who is unable to realize his dream of becoming a cricket player. But who nevertheless encourages his sister to pursue her passion against opposition from their father.

During a press conference earlier this month, the filmmaker also gave his thoughts on the movie. The film “Nayab” is about more than just cricket. This film has a diverse cast of real-life characters. The film explores societal issues, the dynamics of a nuclear family in contemporary Pakistan, and a young woman’s aspirations beyond the realm of athletics. Ali remarked, “I think mixing these themes together makes it more entertaining and compelling.”

Javed Sheikh and Fawad Khan, a stage actor who has appeared in numerous online series. This including Churails, round out the cast alongside Zaidi. Ali Abbas Naqvi and Basit Naqvi, best known as the writing team behind Laal Kabootar, are responsible for the script. The debut of Nayab will occur later in 2018.

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