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Yasir Hussain playfully teases Asad Siddiqui following his mother-in-law Asma Abbas’s approval of married men flirting.

Asma's viral interview clip emphasized the importance of not suffocating men in a marriage.


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Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain has sparked online chatter with a light-hearted dig at his friend Asad Siddiqui, inspired by remarks from Asad’s mother-in-law, veteran actor Asma Abbas.

Asma’s recent interview clip, where she expressed tolerance towards married men engaging in “harmless flirting,” quickly went viral on social media. Taking a playful jab at the situation, Yasir shared the clip on his Instagram Story, humorously congratulating Asad for having his mother-in-law’s approval for flirting, jokingly saying, “You lucky man. Congratulations. Now you have the licence.”

While Yasir’s jest entertained many, it also drew criticism towards Asma for her unconventional views on marital relationships. In her interview with host Wasi Shahi on the show Zabardast, Asma defended her stance by reflecting on her own marriage and upbringing. Despite a strict upbringing where she and her sisters were not even allowed out after dark, Asma emphasized the importance of not suffocating one’s spouse in a marriage.

Asma’s perspective marks a departure from her conservative upbringing, where pursuing a career in showbiz was strongly discouraged by her late father, writer Ahmed Bashir. Despite the familial pressures, Asma stands by her belief that in a marriage, trust and freedom are essential elements for a healthy relationship.

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