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The teaser for ‘Umro Ayyar’ shows the start of the end and the emergence of a rescuer.

This preview for 'Umro Ayyar' shows the beginning of the end and the emergence of a rescuer.


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The secret has been revealed. The new Umro Ayyar: A New Beginning teaser has arrived, and it clears up a lot of our concerns. The film’s ensemble cast, including Usman Mukhtar, Sanam Saeed, Ali Kazmi, Adnan Siddiqui, Simi Raheel, and Manzar Sehbai, will showcase their own worlds in the film.

The teaser’s narration by Hamza Ali Abbasi begins with a brief explanation of the subject matter, which is the end of the world. It examines Mukhtar’s personality and declares, “Times are changing, and the earth has entered its final orbit.” Mukhtar appears to be a normal man having an ordinary life, until, that is, his world is thrown into chaos.

The video travels to an alien world that is grim and full of death. To Mukhtar, it says, “Andheron mein rehne walon se kehdo, ke aik nayi subha tulu hone jarahi hai (Inform those living in the darkness that a new sun is about to rise).”

After encouraging an introspective approach, the teaser glosses over Mukhtar’s metamorphosis. Introducing the protagonist provides glimpses of evil forces and antagonists. Potential allies, like Saeed and Kazmi, are also hinted at throughout the book. The entire background changes to reveal a setting reminiscent of the Mortal Kombat worlds.

The characters’ faces show anger, frustration, and anxiety as they practice and ultimately succeed. As the story draws to a close, Mukhtar’s Umro Ayyar screams into being, donning fresh skin and a new objective.

“In a realm of enchantment, where legends reside,” the film’s synopsis reads. When good confronts bad, heroes emerge. Where legends echo, stories come to life. Let your imagination run wild and your emotions soar.

Umro Ayyar is a popular figure from Ghalib Lakhnavi’s 1855 Urdu short story collection Dastan-e-Amir Hamza, which features tales of magic, adventure, and intrigue. Azfar Jafri is the director of Umro Ayyar: A New Beginning, a VR Chilli Production film.

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