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Pakistan State Oil (PSO) becoming the First OMC to Introduce Euro 5 Diesel Fuel in Pakistan


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Pakistan State Oil (PSO) continues to lead the fuel revolution in Pakistan by becoming the first Oil Marketing Company (OMC) to upgrade Pakistan’s diesel fuel standard from Euro 2 to Euro 5, and has recently launched the Euro 5 standard high-speed diesel under the brand name ‘PSO Hi-Cetane Diesel Euro 5’.

The Government of Pakistan (GOP) mandated the import of Euro 5 standard compliant high-speed diesel from January 2021. As a proactive and forward-thinking company, PSO imported the first shipment of Euro 5 standard diesel on 23 December 2020, making PSO Hi-Cetane Diesel Euro 5 available at PSO retail outlets in Karachi well ahead of the timeline given by the GOP.

PSO Hi-Cetane Diesel Euro 5 was formally launched by the CEO and MD PSO, Syed Muhammad Taha, during a ceremony at the PSO Burraque Service Station, Karachi. Key business partners, valued clients, and senior PSO officials attended the event to celebrate this significant milestone for the country and company.

PSO’s new Euro 5 diesel is a high performing, cleaner fuel that has had its sulfur content reduced by 98 percent from 500 ppm to 10 ppm. The cetane rating of diesel is similar to the octane number of motor gasoline. PSO’s superior quality Hi-Cetane Diesel Euro 5 has a cetane index range of 53 to 58 which is significantly higher than the cetane index of locally available diesel.

PSO’s new Euro 5 standard diesel reduces vehicle emissions and enhances engine life and efficiency by protecting the engine’s metallic parts. It also minimizes the fuel’s negative impact on health while contributing to a cleaner environment.

“PSO has once again raised the bar as we lead our beloved nation into an era of premium quality, environment-friendly, and high-performance fuels. This is a major milestone in our journey of environmental stewardship under the able guidance of the Ministry of Energy. After the introduction of the electric vehicle charging facility and the launch of Euro 5 motor gasoline, both RON 97 and RON 92, we are proud to be the first OMC to introduce Euro 5 high-speed diesel in Pakistan.

These initiatives are a prime example of PSO’s commitment to environmental preservation and our efforts to leave behind a world worth living in for our future generations. Moving forward, we will further strengthen the trust that millions of Pakistanis put in us every day as we continue providing innovative and high-quality products and services at our retail outlets”.

PSO continues to trailblaze in implementing the GOP’s vision for a cleaner and greener Pakistan, and pledges to undertake more initiatives that drive the nation towards a sustainable future.

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