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Pakistan Single Window Company Start Off Successfully

Chairman Federal Board of Revenue inaugurated the head office of Pakistan Single Window (PSW) Company in Islamabad.


Chairman FBR praised the efforts of Pakistan Customs to roll out the Pakistan Singe Window (PSW) System almost a year before its deadline of June 2022 set under the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement.

The Prime Minister had tasked Customs to complete this highly transformational project for reducing time, cost, and development while assuring better compliances with cross-border trade regulations. To ensure that this new system is timely completed and sustainably preserved, the PSW Company has been operationalized by FBR.

He also appreciated Customs for reducing the project cost from initial estimates of USD 163 million to USD 67 million through indigenous development effort.

The PSW Company is now enabling the Government of Pakistan to maintain complete ownership of this mission-critical system of vital national importance as it would handle entire cross-border trade, related logistics, and financial affairs.

Member Customs Operation stated on the occasion that Custom Administration was leveraging its expertise in automation for PSW to support a wide array of other public and private sector entities involved in the regulation of imports, exports & transit trade. The ongoing digitization of related public sector entities under this project will substantially improve their efficiency.


Sajjad Ahmed
Photojournalist / Web Editor
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