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Maria B ridicules “desi liberals” and puts the blame on the production company for the botched funeral scene shoot.

The designer's latest ad campaign has been met with criticism online.


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Friday saw Maria Butt, the designer, and a recent trending topic on Twitter. A member of the Abbasi family, who were the former nawabs of Bahawalpur, publicly criticized the designer and her high-end label for staging an “unauthorized” photo shoot in the family’s private cemetery.

Even though the company apologized on its official Instagram account and “immediately removed” all relevant content, social media users continued to criticize the designer. Maria Butt, who has been getting a lot of criticism, has taken to social media to defend herself. In these posts, she makes fun of the so-called “desi liberals” who have been attacking her.

She posted a clip from a friend’s Instagram Story that said, “Pakistanis stand with Maria” and showed several items from Maria B’s recently sold-out collection.”My sincere gratitude, buddy! Indeed, Allah is our Raziq, and it sickens liberals to death to see the accomplished women of Maria B designing and selling out collections. Alhamdulillah, “Butt labeled the photo.

For her part, Maria B had already issued an apology on Instagram “to all those who were understandably distressed by the unfortunate incident. “An outside production company “planned and executed the recent shoot for our brand with the concept of showing our magnificent cultural heritage in Bahawalpur,” the statement read. According to the author, “the shoot was edited and published without any prior knowledge about the significance and sanctity of the site.”

The designer’s new collection, ‘Roohi,” was unveiled on March 9, along with accompanying photos and videos that were uploaded to Facebook on the same day. The royal family of Bahawalpur’s private cemetery was one of the many Bahawalpur settings featured in the campaign. Consumers were outraged by the “disrespectful” and “unethical” commercial and expressed their disapproval to the company.

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