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“Kukri” Highly-awaited: The release date is set for June 2.

The film Kukri is based on the true story of Iqbal, who admitted to killing one hundred boys in Lahore in 1999.


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The much-anticipated Pakistani film Kukri: The Untold Story of Serial Killer Javed Iqbal is finally due to premiere in theatres on June 2 after several delays and setbacks. The film’s director, Abu Aleeha, has reworked it extensively and renamed it Kukri in preparation for resubmitting it to the censor board for approval.

In an interview with , Aleeha revealed that the film’s kukri initial title, Javed Iqbal, was changed because of fears that it could be taken as a celebration of the character. The director stressed that the video was never meant to be a celebration of Iqbal or his crimes, but rather to help people learn to recognize abusers and take precautions to keep their own children safe.

The intent of making kukri was never to make light of Iqbal’s actions, as Aleeha has often emphasized in interviews. Our only hope is that others will see this, understand who this man is, and appreciate how he was just trying to live his life. If you know of a child abuser, rapist, or molester after watching the clip, please report him immediately. It was worded that way because that was the point.

The film’s kukri censors, after watching a cut, recommended adding a closing message to drive home the film’s point. Aleeha indicated that the alterations made to the film were mostly lengthening it by about 10 minutes rather than shortening it.

The film’s kukri distributor in Pakistan, Eveready Pictures, was brought in to help promote the release. They asked for the picture to be reevaluated by the federal censor board and the Ministry of Information. Broadcasting, promising to make any necessary adjustments before the film was shown in theatres.

Based on real events, the film depicts a serial killer who admits to killing one hundred boys in Lahore in 1999. Its fame is spreading over the globe. It had its world premiere at a UK film festival and was chosen for the Berlin International Art Film Festival.

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