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Humayun Saeed opens up about his shy nature, marriage, and showbiz future.


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Humayun Saeed, renowned actor and star of “Mere Paas Tum Ho,” recently sat down for an insightful interview with Nashpati Prime. Reflecting on his journey in the entertainment industry and his rock-solid marriage to wife Samina, Humayun revealed candid insights into his personal and professional life.

In a revelation surprising to many fans, Humayun shared, “I used to be very shy. I still am, you know.” Despite his fame, he remains humble and introspective about his past. Recalling his youth and the impact of his first love, he reminisced about breaking out of his shell.

Regarding his enduring marriage, Humayun humorously remarked, “There is only one woman in my life now, and I’m too scared of my wife for any adventures!” He emphasized the importance of praise and acceptance in relationships, drawing from his own experience with Samina.

Addressing rumors of infidelity, Humayun affirmed his commitment to Samina, dismissing baseless gossip. While they hoped for children, parenthood has yet to be realized for them, a matter they attribute to Allah’s will.

On social media, Humayun acknowledged its influence on modern life, noting its potential for validation but also cautioning against its pitfalls. He highlighted the impact of rumors, stressing the need to protect loved ones from false narratives.

Turning to his career, Humayun shared his journey from a garment factory worker to a celebrated actor and producer. Grateful for the support of colleagues like Nadia Jamil and Sania Saeed, he emphasized the importance of mentorship in his success.

Despite his stature in Pakistani television, Humayun expressed a commitment to his homeland, never swayed by offers from Bollywood. He remains dedicated to nurturing young talent and contributing to the growth of the industry.

Humayun Saeed’s humility, dedication, and love for his craft continue to inspire both fans and aspiring actors alike, ensuring his enduring presence in Pakistan’s entertainment landscape.

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