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Faysal Quraishi Raises Concerns Over Validity of On-Screen Nikkah; Calls for Clarification from Religious Authorities.

The veteran actor highlights the necessity for thorough discussion and clarification from religious experts regarding on-screen nikkah ceremonies.


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Faysal Quraishi, a veteran Pakistani actor, has joined the ongoing debate surrounding the portrayal of nikkah scenes in dramas. He expressed doubts about the validity of on-screen nikkah ceremonies and emphasized the necessity of seeking clarification from religious scholars on this matter.

The controversy erupted following a statement by a religious scholar on a television show, suggesting that if actors enact a nikkah scene in a drama, their marriage would be considered valid in real life. This assertion has sparked widespread discussion within the entertainment industry and on social media platforms.

Faysal’s comments on the issue were playfully shared by his wife, Sana Faysal, in a video posted on her Instagram Stories. She humorously pointed out Faysal’s numerous on-screen marriages and questioned the implications of the scholar’s ruling.

In response, Faysal advocated for a careful examination of the matter by religious authorities. He highlighted the importance of following proper nikkah protocols, including seeking permission and using specific language during the ceremony, to ensure its validity.

Acknowledging the seriousness of the issue, Faysal stressed the need for a thorough debate and the issuance of a fatwa by religious scholars to provide clarity on the matter. He pledged to consult with cleric friends to address this concern adequately.

Earlier, model and actor Nadia Hussain also expressed apprehensions about the scholar’s statement, emphasizing that on-screen nikkah scenes are purely fictional and do not adhere to the requirements of a legitimate marriage ceremony. She warned against the potential repercussions of such declarations, urging for a more responsible approach from religious figures when discussing sensitive issues like marriage validity.

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