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Cyber Crime Pakistan Found No evidence of a hate Campaign Filled By Sana Javed Against MUAs and Models

There was .


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Sana Javed abused a number of individuals, and it backfired quite a bit. It was a communal plot, according to the Aye Mushte Khaak actor, that brought about all of the accusations leveled against her. She referred to it as a “smear campaign”. MUAs and models Was being sued by Sana, who claims they started a smear campaign to discredit her. Sana Javed has been in the news recently for her spats with well-known makeup artists and model Manal Saleem.

If the MUAs and models were all working together to discredit Sana Javed, the celebrity had to launch a petition against them. She filed a formal complaint alleging that she was the target of a smear campaign. In fact, Sana claims that they’ve all concocted a plot to incriminate her.

Sana Javed’s complaint of internet defamation has been closed by the Cyber Crime Director Imran Riaz and the investigative team found no evidence of an organized smearing effort against her, but the information described by her was a personal experience of persons with her at work. The head of cybercrime stated this.

Immediately after Riaz’s declaration, netizens began arguing that no one should cast her now and that she should be entirely barred from television.

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