Commentary on the Women’s Cricket Team by Arsalan Naseer has come under fire.

Angry Twitter users were outraged by Arsalan's low analysis and ridiculous arguments against the women's cricket squad.


A well-known CBA cartoonist named Arsalan Naseer has published an insensitive video in which he mocks the Pakistani women’s cricket squad for its utter lack of talent. He also said that they don’t fight fair. He also made fun of Bismah Maroof, the team captain, for bringing her child to the event.

Despite the efforts of the crew, the Chupke Chupke actor’s stooping analysis dismissed them. His statements were, in reality, founded on ridiculous and absurd reasoning. For his insensitive statements and for using “critique” to cover up his offensive remarks, Arsalan Naseer was referred to as “trash” by the Internet community.

Following India’s women’s cricket team’s recent win against Pakistan in New Zealand for the ICC Women’s World Cup 2022, he offers his thoughts.


Cheema used Twitter to raise awareness of the problem and emphasize his role as a public figure because of his enormous fan base and impact.

Even though I’m not a big fan of YouTubers, this man has more than 100,000 followers on Twitter alone. I’ve never heard of him before.” As soon as you hear the topic, you understand that Pakistani cricket discourse can never be improved.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Cheema referred to the statement as “illiterate.”

The BCCI’s budget breakdown shows both the players’ salaries and the quantity of cricket they play. Please look into this. ” In contrast, look at this. To celebrate the fact that games aren’t always one-sided instead of criticizing and denigrating it,

Arsalan Naseer’s ill-advised comments have enraged the Pakistani Twitteratis. Many have been irritated by his disparaging remarks about the cricket squad.