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Ahmed Ali Akbar Shares Hopes for ‘Parizaad’ Sequel Following Deep Connection with Character.


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Ahmed Ali Akbar, the acclaimed actor who brought the character Parizaad to life in the hit drama series of the same name, recently reflected on his journey with the role and hinted at the possibility of a sequel. Akbar opened up about the profound impact the character had on him and the need to take a break to separate himself from Parizaad’s persona.

In a candid discussion, Akbar revealed how deeply intertwined he felt with Parizaad, needing time to shed aspects of the character after the intense year-long filming process. “Parizaad was deeply ingrained in me. I had to detach myself from him before discussing the role with others,” he shared.

Having immersed himself in the character for an extended period, Akbar emphasized the importance of creative rejuvenation. “When you spend a year living as a character, it becomes a part of you. I needed time to step away and recharge creatively,” he added.

Regarding the buzz surrounding a potential sequel, tentatively titled ‘Parizaad 2,’ Akbar admitted to learning about it through a post by writer Hashim Nadeem on Instagram. Despite acknowledging the challenges of revisiting such a complex character, Akbar expressed curiosity about exploring Parizaad’s journey further.

“I recall Hashim Nadeem’s Instagram story mentioning a sequel. It’s a daunting task to revisit the character,” he admitted. “However, once I read the script and feel a connection, I’ll know if I want to delve back into it. There’s a part of me eager to discover Parizaad’s next chapter.”

Hashim Nadeem, the renowned writer behind the original novel and series, hinted at a second season through his Instagram story in 2022, sparking excitement among fans.

Akbar’s rise to fame began with notable roles in popular dramas like ‘Guzarish’ and ‘Yeh Raha Dil.’ However, it was his portrayal of Parizaad that garnered him widespread acclaim. Despite his success, Akbar remains selective in his projects, prioritizing compelling storytelling. “When choosing a project, I focus on the story’s essence,” he revealed. “For me, ‘Gunjal’ had everything I was looking for. As storytellers, we aim to captivate audiences, and if a script resonates with me, I’m willing to take the plunge.”

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