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Abdul Khaliq Khan, the creative force behind ‘Ishq Murshid’, reveals exciting details about two upcoming seasons.

Discover what's in store for fans as the show's writer shares insider insights into the future of 'Ishq Murshid'.


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Abdul Khaliq Khan, the mastermind behind ‘Ishq Murshid’, has unveiled exciting plans for the show’s future, promising two more thrilling seasons. In an exclusive interview on Sal Ahmed’s YouTube channel, Khan shared insights into what lies ahead for fans of the beloved series.

Following the emotional conclusion of Shahmeer and Shibra’s journey, Khan hinted at captivating storylines that will keep ‘Ishq Murshid’ alive for another two seasons. Revealing his vision, Khan outlined three distinct narratives, each delving into the complexities of love in different contexts. From overcoming obstacles for true love to navigating familial ties and ultimately exploring a love that transcends all, the upcoming seasons promise to captivate audiences with their depth and emotion.

Reflecting on the genesis of ‘Ishq Murshid’, Khan emphasized the importance of being deeply invested in his characters, particularly the central protagonists, Shameer/Fazal and Shibra. These characters, portrayed by Bilal Abbas and Durefishan Saleem, serve as the heartbeat of the show, drawing Khan into their world and inspiring the creation of their compelling story.

As anticipation builds for the next chapters of ‘Ishq Murshid’, fans eagerly awaited the season 1 finale, which premiered in cinemas and on television. However, some were left disappointed by the episode’s focus on a recap rather than new content. Despite this setback, Khan’s promise of future seasons has reignited excitement among fans, who eagerly await the return of their beloved series.

With Khan at the helm, ‘Ishq Murshid’ looks set to continue its reign as a favorite among audiences, promising more romance, drama, and heartfelt storytelling in the seasons to come.

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