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Mahira Khan Reacts to Arijit Singh’s ‘Zaalima’ Shout-out: A Touch of Humility.


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In a heartwarming moment captured during Arijit Singh’s concert in Dubai, Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan found herself pleasantly surprised when the renowned Bollywood playback singer acknowledged her presence in the audience. A viral video of the encounter has been circulating on social media, drawing admiration from fans across borders.

Arijit’s genuine astonishment upon recognizing Mahira was palpable as he shared the stage with her. Expressing his gratitude for her, he humbly acknowledged her contribution to his song “Zaalima,” leaving Mahira with a warm smile in response.

Mahira, known for her captivating performances, later took to Instagram to share her appreciation for Arijit’s humility. She highlighted the beauty of witnessing such humility in an artist, emphasizing their acknowledgment of being blessed with talent from above.

The interaction between Mahira and Arijit not only delighted fans but also showcased the mutual respect and admiration between artists from different cultural backgrounds.

In other cross-border musical collaborations, singer Abrarul Haq shared a humorous anecdote about a mix-up involving Indian rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh’s desire to collaborate. Similarly, Indian comedian Kapil Sharma and Pakistani content creator Nadir Ali have expressed mutual admiration, with Kapil even proposing a collaboration for a show in Dubai. These instances further exemplify the growing camaraderie and appreciation across borders in the entertainment industry.

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