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Audience amazed to see Lanka Igniting by Hanuman on the sixth day of Luv Kush Ramleela


The Luv Ramleela staged a dialogue between the Vanar Sena and Shri Ram on Friday, the sixth day of Ramlila being organized by the world-famous Luv Kush Ramleela Committee at the 15 August Park at Lalkila Ground. After this Hanuman’s departure to Lanka.

Hanuman ji creating havoc in Ravana’s court, Laxman being unhappy, Hanuman Ji’s departure to bring Sanjeevani booti. BJP Minister, Manoj Tiwari playing the role of Angad went to Lanka and Ravana Angad Dialogues were breathtaking to watch.

Rahul Khan
Rahul Khan
Executive Producer (India)


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