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Zayn Malik Makes a Style Statement in Vibrant Blockprint Hoodie by Pakistani Brand Rastah.


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With the release of his fourth studio album, Zayn Malik is basking in newfound attention and delight. Amidst the buzz surrounding his latest music, the spotlight now shines on the artist’s fashion choices. A recent Instagram Story shared by a fan has set the internet abuzz, showcasing Zayn sporting a distinctive ensemble.

In the Instagram Story, Zayn is seen donning an archive blockprint hoodie from Rastah, a prominent Pakistani clothing label known for its fusion of contemporary streetwear with traditional South Asian influences. The hoodie features patches of vibrant imagery against a black backdrop, epitomizing Rastah’s commitment to blending heritage with modern fashion.

Embellished with embroidered motifs such as animals, birds, and mythical creatures, the hoodie tells a tale of cultural significance, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Pakistani folklore and art. The black fabric base of the hoodie is accentuated with red floral patterns, ensuring the motifs catch the eye.

Since its inception in 2018, Rastah has emerged as a symbol of cultural fusion and style evolution. From Bollywood stars to global icons and beyond, the label continues to captivate celebrities worldwide.

Notable figures like Timothée Chalamet and Anil Kapoor have joined the ranks of Rastah admirers. Chalamet was spotted in Los Angeles sporting a Rastah sweatshirt, while Kapoor showcased the brand’s ‘Hand-woven Dot Jacket’ at a premiere in Mumbai. Even Justin Bieber has embraced Rastah, making waves in a pink button-up shirt adorned with hand-embroidered flowers from the Volume 10 collection.

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