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“Zaalima” by Hasan Raheem and Abdul Hannan features a catchy, straightforward chorus.

The January 15th release is ideal love music for reels and vlogs.


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Even though we’re only halfway through the year 2024, Pakistan’s music culture is off to a flying start. The excitement around musical crossovers, like Ali Sethi’s collaboration with Jonita or Karachi-based AUR’s with Zayn Malik, is unparalleled. With everyone’s fingers crossed for whatever new invention this collaborative effort brings, the stakes are higher than they have ever been.

Unless artists Hasan Raheem and Abdul Hannan, known for their minimalist brand, are collaborating, The addictive hook of the January 15th-released love ballad Zaalima will surely be the soundtrack of countless YouTube videos, playlists, and reels this year.

Hasan and Abdul collaborate on a seamless mashup of disco and hip-hop. A simple rhythm and an uncomplicated drum arrangement form the bedrock of the track’s overall appeal. The two vocalists’ assured vocal performances, which are never at odds with or overpowered by the instrumental accompaniment, are the showpieces of Zaalima.

The charming, low-effort friendliness, whether on or off the record, is undeniable. A day following the song’s release, the Joona vocalist casually announced it on X (previously Twitter). Shahmeer Raza served as producer, while 3 Launday was in charge of photography for the music video for Zaalima, which features the three of them at work while they record, arrange, and edit the song.

The music video conveys a sense of homeliness from the moment they arrive at a charming mountain cabin to their eventual discovery of the kitchen amidst a jumble of food items. The majority of the video features an overlay reminiscent of VHS stock material, which further suggests a nostalgic connection between the performers.

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