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Young & Talented Indian Actress Aarti Saxena stepped up to help poverty-stricken people


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Aarti Saxena,is a young artist, has earned a lot of fame by acting through her art at a very young age.

Aarti Saxena has also done a lot of serial shoot movie screen shoot video songs whatever money she used to get, She has given food to poor children in the ashram and has helped many people in the Covid-19.

Aarti Saxena is going to open her trust along with being a artist so that she can do more good for the very poor and the old because she believes how many people have sued Covid-19, how many people have died.

she wants to serve those people from her NGO, she believes that if more people come forward in this kind of work then a lot of poverty can be removed from our country. Aarti Saxena will show you with some new projects in 2021.

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