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Witnessing the liberation of Palestine is our duty: Sandra Sarandon

Throughout his career, the 'Atlantic City' actor has spoken out against Israeli oppression and called for the freedom of the Palestinian people.


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Israeli air and land attacks in the Gaza Strip over night killed over 100 Palestinians and injured dozens more, according to the official Palestinian news agency Wafa, which released its report on Sunday. As Israel’s assault on the besieged Palestinian enclave entered its hundredth day, the death toll reportedly surpassed 23,843, according to Palestinian health sources.

Celebrities and powerful figures in the entertainment industry around the world are using their platforms to call for a quick end to the Israeli apartheid regime’s brutal oppression of Palestinians. Susan Sarandon, an Oscar-winning American actress, has renewed her calls for the emancipation of Palestine, joining the chorus of ardent detractors of Israel.

The actor from Thelma & Louise, who is well-known for her anti-war stance, posted a carousel on Instagram that included a short video of a Palestine solidarity march in Washington. The video shows a huge gathering of demonstrators waving Palestinian flags and, in one scene, some donning the traditional black and white keffiyeh scarf—a symbol of Palestinian resistance around the world.

Sarandon also included a photo of herself standing next to philosopher, critic, and former third-party contender for the US presidency in 2024, Cornel West, alongside the video footage.

“Standing with the hundreds of thousands of people for Palestine in Washington, DC, today,” was the caption that the actor penned alongside the photo. Sarandon reiterated her position on Palestine without reservation, calling attention to the increasing number of casualties caused by Israeli aggression and stressing the importance of universal support for Palestinian freedom.

“We must bear witness until Palestine is free,” the actor from Atlantic City said. At least 10,000 of the 23,357 casualties were minors. Present the ceasefire.

You need not identify as Palestinian in order to be concerned about the situation in Gaza, as the legendary actor stated in a previous article from last year on X. Palestine has my full support. No one can truly enjoy freedom unless it extends to others.

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