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Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock for Slapping him at the Oscars 2022


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In the wake of his on-stage smack of Chris Rock at Sunday night’s 94th Academy Awards, Will Smith has apologized to the comedian in public. Will Smith smacked Chris Rock across the face at the 2022 Academy Awards, one of the most stunning moments of the night’s events on stage. In the Best Documentary award introduction, Chris Rock made fun of Jada Pinkett Smith’s haircut. For those who don’t know, Pinkett has alopecia, an auto-immune illness that causes hair loss.

A reference to the 1997 film G.I. Jane was made in Rock’s sarcastic remark about Pinkett Smith’s hairline (which features a bald Demi Moore). “Rock,” he said “Jada, I’m so grateful to have you in my life. Jane 2, I can’t wait to see you.” First, Smith giggled from his seat. Pinkett Smith did not find the joke amusing and rolled her eyes. After that, Smith appeared on stage and whacked Rock about. Awe-inspiring,” gushed Rock. When I saw Will Smith, I was struck in the face.

My wife’s name is not something you should be talking about! It seemed like Will Smith was upset and screamed back at the actor from his seat. In response to Rock’s remark that “Keep my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth!” it was a G.I. Jane joke, Smith reiterated his earlier warning.

While Chris Rock won the Best Actor award for King Richard, the Academy has opened an inquiry even though he elected not to report the incident to the police. In his Instagram post on Monday, Will Smith made an apology and wrote, “All kinds of violence are toxic and harmful in their effects on society. Inexcusable and reprehensible were my actions at the Academy Awards last night. Because of my employment, I have to deal with people making fun of my appearance, but a remark made regarding Jada’s physical condition caused me to respond emotionally.”


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“Chris, I’d want to publicly apologise to you for what I’ve done. I was in the wrong, and I’m sorry. Embarrassed, I am ashamed of my behaviors, which were not in line with the man I aspire to be. a world of love and compassion has no place for violence “He went on to say more.

“In addition, I’d want to express my apologies to the Academy, the show’s creators, all of the attendees, and anybody else who happened to be tuning in. The Williams family and my King Richard family have my sincere apologies. I feel terrible that my actions have marred what might have been a magical experience for all of us. In the process of becoming a better person, “He came to the end of what he had to say.

Later in the evening, Will Smith received the Best Actor award for his performance as King Richard. It took him some time to get his bearings on stage. I am overwhelmed by what God wants me to do and be in the world right now. I am being called on to love people, defend people, and be a river for the people I serve. That is what God wants me to do and be right now. I am overwhelmed.”

“In order for us to accomplish what we do, we must be capable of taking abuse and having others speak wild about us. His role in King Richard was known for his “fierce defender of his family,” so he compared himself to the actor. “You have to have people insulting you, and you have to grin and pretend like that’s alright,” the actor remarked, before comparing himself to his character.”

It was also claimed by the journalists in the auditorium that Denzel Washington had gone to talk to Will Smith after the brawl. While speaking, he echoed what Denzel had advised him: “Be cautious because that’s when the devil comes for you.”

Speaking to the Academy, he apologized for the event “I’d want to express my regrets to the Academy. To all of my fellow candidates, I apologise for any embarrassment I may have caused.”

Smith’s response was, ” “Art imitates life: I look like my erratic father in this picture. The same might be said about Richard Williams. Love, on the other hand, may cause you to do strange things.” Later on, he added: “The ability to care for my mother and family, my wife…. I’m grateful for this opportunity. Thank you for allowing me to be here right now. I’m hoping the Academy will re-invite me.”

Will Smith won his first Oscar and was nominated for a second time for this role. For his roles in 2002’s Ali and 2007’s The Pursuit of Happyness, he received two prior Academy Award nominations for Best Actor.

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