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What Makes Aashir Wajahat, NAYEL, and Nehaal Naseem’s Viral Song ‘Sadqay’ So Enthralling?


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Since its debut on February 2, the song ‘Sadqay’ has garnered a staggering 3.8 million views on YouTube and has gained widespread popularity across borders.

Chances are, you’ve stumbled upon it on Instagram reels or as the backdrop for Rani Mukherjee’s elegant black saree flaunt. Perhaps it accompanied Ayushmann Khurrana’s recent photoshoot montage on an IG Story. And if you’re a denizen of the spontaneous corners of TikTok, this tune has likely graced your feed, providing the perfect background score to life’s fleeting moments.

From a viral standpoint, the collaborative effort of siblings Aashir Wajahat and NAYEL, along with singer Nehaal Naseem, has already achieved remarkable success. The roughly three-minute-long track, complemented by a polished music video, dropped on YouTube on February 2 and swiftly amassed 3.8 million views while ascending to the top trending on Spotify.

But what sets ‘Sadqay’ apart? In our digitally driven world, this song navigates different social media platforms with ease, captivating audiences with its infectious chorus. Interestingly, the chorus bears a sonic resemblance to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s 2016 track ‘Shukriya Pakistan,’ lending ‘Sadqay’ an unexpected familiarity amid themes of love and friendship.

Yet, beyond its catchy hooks, ‘Sadqay’ holds aspirations for broader acclaim, particularly among streamers. Aashir, Nayel, and Nehaal’s collaboration promised innovation akin to the romantic zeitgeist of Gen Z. However, despite commendable production choices, the track falls short due to its uninspired composition.

Initially, the song captivates with crisp guitar-esque chords, hinting at musical finesse. Despite the introduction of electronic beats and harmonium melodies, the track struggles to maintain its delicate balance, lacking distinctive hooks to differentiate it from its contemporaries.

While the vocal performances are competent, they rely heavily on post-production enhancements. Unfortunately, the melodies fail to leave a lasting impression or offer a sense of uniqueness that sets them apart.

Moreover, those expecting a captivating music video may find themselves disappointed, as ‘Sadqay’ prioritizes cinematic spectacle over musical substance. This emphasis on visuals at the expense of musical depth is a notable flaw in an otherwise promising track.

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