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Vijay Varma praises the music of Pakistani rapper Faris, saying, “Love your music, Faris!”

While getting ready for the IIFA Awards, the actor was spotted singing along to Shafi's song.


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In a touching gesture of international goodwill, Indian actor Vijay Varma admitted that he enjoys listening to songs by Pakistani rapper Faris Shafi. The actor from Darlings was filmed in Dubai before the IIFA awards, singing along to Shafi’s hit song Introduction.

The video was posted to the official Instagram of famous stylist Nabila, where it soon went viral. An accompanying caption stated, “Here’s a special shoutout for Faris Shafi by the one and only darling, Vijay Varma.”

Nabila, well-known for her work as the official makeup partner of the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA), served as a forum for this unanticipated display of cross-cultural understanding.

Varma may be seen in the clip singing along with Shafi’s song, clearly a fan of his work. “Faris, your music is incredible. At the end of the clip, he exclaims, “I love it so much.” His praise for Shafi’s work inspired admiration and solidarity among his followers on both sides of the border.

The conversation between Varma and Shafi exemplifies the ability of music to bring individuals of diverse cultures and backgrounds together. Art can bring people together and give them something in common, regardless of the dominant political and social narratives.

Varma had been at the Cannes Film Festival prior to the IIFA, where he made his debut eight years earlier. He was dressed to the nines in a sharp black double-breasted suit by designer Gaurav Gupta and polished red leather dress shoes.

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