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Uzair Jaswal’s New Album ‘Love Struck’ Attracts Industry Stars

By launching his new album “Lovestruck,” Pakistani pop sensation Uzair Jaswal gathered the whole industry to “love stuck” them. Jaswal has returned with a vengeance, releasing an album in only a few months. This is his second album, and he says that love-struck may be both a blessing and a curse since it can bring you both joy and sorrow.

As Uzair Jaswal pointed out, his carefully crafted conception of love appeals to a broad cross-section of people.

‘Lovestruck’ is the musician’s 12th studio album, and he’s included the sensation of love into it. In his song “Hamesha,” the singer claims that the album is “unique.”

“It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done.”

As the youngest of the Jaswal brothers, Uzair Jaswal’s path has been marked by the absence of his family’s influence. The 28-year-old singer and songwriter is recognized for his heartfelt songs and enchanting voice.

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Throughout this album, the vocalist explores the depths of love, from butterflies in love to shattered dreams to patch-ups to romance and dreams.

Uzair Jaswal announced his new album on social media, saying:

“It all started with butterflies in my stomach and our first meeting. Under the rays of the rising light, to vows made long ago. That which is spoken in silence, love and hatred; To clinging on in the face of adversity. To make it out of the abyss. To not lose hope. In the end, “Lovestruck” is worth the wait.”

In other words, it’s anything from platonic to amorous to familial to prohibited to unknown. “My record even addresses the expectation underlying the belief that there is a soulmate for everyone,” stated Jaswal.

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