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Urwa Hocane pokes fun at the Pakistani drama business after “three identical scripts.”

Urwa Hocane mocks the Pakistani drama business for using the same formula after "three identical scripts."


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Recently, Urwa Hocane, a well-known actor in Pakistan, captured the attention of her fans with a lip-sync video that went viral thanks to a provocative message. On camera, Urwa can be heard mouthing the words, “Main itna batana chahti hoon ke jitna tum logon ke paas dimaag hai, utna toh mera kharab rehta hai” (I want to tell you all that all your functional brains combined only make up my dysfunctional brain). The video’s description revealed her displeasure with the scripts used in Pakistani dramas.

Urwa’s caption betrayed her frustration at finding numerous scripts with nearly identical plots. Each production, despite their shared elements, promised that their show would dominate the ratings. When asked to caption this image, she said, “After reading three identical scripts. With the exact same plot from different sources, every production says, ‘This one is going to get ratings!'”

Urwa’s frank comments brought to light the prevalence of clichéd characters and plot points in Pakistani television shows. She characterized the plots in a mocking tone, saying, “The story is one glorified psychotic narcissistic toxic man. A churail saas (witchy mother-in-law), a bechari (helpless) girl, and a passive-aggressive vamp who keeps seducing the guy because they are a perfect match and rightly so.”

The actor’s comments resonated with many of her fans and followers. Because of the prevalence of stereotypical plots and characters in Hollywood. Drama fans and professionals alike have responded positively to Urwa’s courage in speaking out about the matter.

The Pakistani drama industry has come under fire in recent years for a lack of originality. And an excessive reliance on stock plot devices. Urwa’s open venting of frustration is indicative of a widespread feeling among creators and consumers alike: the need for original, unconventional stories.

The video and text from the Udaari star’s Instagram post call attention to the importance of maintaining a dialogue. The vitality of innovation and uniqueness in Pakistani plays. As the discussion continues, it will be interesting to watch if the industry responds to this demand. For change by encouraging writers, directors, and producers to venture into uncharted territory and create stories that both excite and challenge audiences in fresh ways.

Urwa’s audacious declaration is a timely reminder that creative people have tremendous influence over the course of the entertainment industry. Their high profile gives them the ability to promote progressive ideas. And test limits, all of which helps Pakistani dramas develop and improve.

Urwa’s honest frustration acts as a rallying cry for the industry to embrace new ideas. Liberate itself from tired stories, and provide content that excites and thrills audiences in novel ways as they eagerly await her forthcoming ventures.

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