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Uorfi Javed explains why she attempted suicide.

Uorfi Javed explains that she has tried to take her own life. An influential person revealed her inner turmoil and difficulties


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Influential social media user Uorfi Javed opened up about her incredible path toward self-acceptance and resilience in an emotional interview with Humans of Bombay. Uorfi opened up about struggling with mental and emotional anguish and even attempting suicide before ultimately finding the strength to overcome her hardships and follow her passions.

Uorfi Javed said, “My house had become very unbearable,” when she thought back on the challenging times she had gone through. It was too taxing on the mind. Then I told myself, “I can end my life at any time, so why not try to live?”

Uorfi set out on a quest for self-improvement, determined to make positive changes in her life. She did anything she could to make ends meet, working odd jobs and going to extremes. So I simply started running and doing whatever I could to make some cash. I was working as a call center tutor. Eventually, I found myself in Mumbai, looking for work,” she said.

While in Mumbai, Uorfi Javed learned that auditions were being held, allowing her to finally pursue her lifelong ambition of becoming an actor. She was determined to try out for auditions despite the difficulties she knew she would face and the knowledge that her future was unknown. I thought I could keep working and auditioning. What will be, will be. Everything just kind of fell into place, and here I am,” she said.

The fashion influencer had to overcome prejudice and societal norms on her way to finding her own identity. She had to deal with limitations on what she could wear and how she could express herself as a young woman in Lucknow. I’ve always been an outspoken person. I’ve always fancied myself an aspiring actress with an eye for style. “I didn’t get it when I was growing up in Lucknow that I couldn’t wear certain clothes or act a certain way,” she said.

Uorfi endured emotional and physical abuse, but she overcame it and now lives the life of her dreams. I gave suicide a serious try, but in the last second, I chose to give life another shot.

She said, “When I was 17 years old, I got up and left for Delhi.” Uorfi works in a contact center to make ends meet. She arrived in Mumbai, where she faced fresh obstacles without ever losing sight of her goals. I’d try to come up with fresh ways to wear the things I bought while they were on sale or clearance.

As Uorfi’s social media following grew, so did the number of trolls. Who judged and mocked her for the things she wore and the decisions she made. She could have let the criticism get to her, but instead, she chose to focus on the positive. “After some difficulty, I managed to break into a TV series, and I ultimately decided to test my luck on Bigg Boss OTT. The general public didn’t take well to it. The internet and real-life bullies both mocked and ridiculed my tastes. My ethics and character were called into question.

Uorfi, however, took it all in stride and persevered, eventually becoming the viral icon that she is today. “But not caring about faceless people’s opinions on the Internet. I kept embracing myself and expressed self-acceptance through my choice,” she explained.

Uorfi’s narrative is a powerful illustration of how, despite setbacks. Perseverance and faith in one’s own abilities may pave the way to improved circumstances.

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