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Tuba Anwar stresses the value of couples counseling; It’s also an art to keep a marriage together.

It's an art form in itself to maintain a happy marriage: This article by Tuba Anwar emphasises the value of couples counselling.


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In a recent interview with Fuchsia Magazine, Tuba Anwar and Junaid Niazi discussed the value of couples and marriage counselling. While the conversation began with a focus on their show, Baby Baji, it soon shifted to the value of marriage counselling.

When asked to reflect on Baby Baji’s depiction of a young couple. Tuba Anwar pointed out that the show captures the difficulties of a fresh marriage when the partners’ viewpoints clash. In Baby Baji, Anwar and his wife are shown as a young couple whose perspectives do not yet match but who are still attempting to sort it out.

Each one is thinking, “Maybe if we do this, the relationship will improve, or maybe if we do this. Things will be better,” so the dialogue reads. She went on to say, “[Niazi’s] character sometimes says that my character should listen, not be impulsive, and compromise a bit. They go through a lot of upheaval in their first two years of life, and you can see it here. Their mentality is very different, and they just can’t get it,” the celebrity elaborated.

Anwar points out a crucial detail: there aren’t enough resources for young couples having marital problems. Like many real-life couples, the ones in the play don’t go to marriage counselling or get outside aid when things start to go south. Anwar highlighted that this is because grandparents and other older relatives may be distracted with their own problems. Leaving young couples without somebody to turn to for advice and support.

Anwar added, “And there is no such thing as marriage counselling, which is really crucial. We don’t see therapists and hardly interact with others. Sisters-in-law have their own problems, and elders have their own problems. Who do you plan to contact? Who is going to have a conversation with you, sit down, and tell you that you have a problem?

The actor passionately advocated for the benefits of couples therapy and counselling as they work through the challenges of marriage. She stressed the importance of receiving help from professionals like therapists when relationships are under stress. Having access to expert assistance can be crucial to preserving the durability and health of a relationship, as Anwar pointed out. Learning to maintain and comprehend a relationship is an art.

I know we’re not airing this aspect of the story. But I can’t help but think that everyone involved would benefit from talking to a therapist if a situation like this ever arose. Especially newer couples. It’s an art form to maintain a committed partnership or marriage. Anwar emphasised the importance of learning and comprehending.

Marriage counselling and couples counselling can help couples communicate better, work through their differences, and heal their relationship. It helps partners better understand one another and gives them skills to deal with difficulties.

Hopefully, Anwar’s comments will serve as a gentle reminder to young couples that seeking professional aid is not a sign of weakness but rather a proactive strategy for nurturing a healthy and happy relationship. Happier, more meaningful relationships might be the result of couples talking openly about their struggles and getting advice from skilled therapists.

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