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Toronto will host the world premiere of “The Queen of My Dreams,” a film co-produced by Pakistan and Canada.

The artists from both countries have come together to create what promises to be an exciting story.


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On September 8, 2023, at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Pakistan and Canada will co-produce the cross-cultural comedy-drama The Queen of My Dreams.

Fawzia Mirza helmed and wrote the picture, which features an engaging and emotional narrative. Azra, a Pakistani lady living in Toronto, is at the story’s center as she struggles to reconcile her progressive values with those of her mother’s strict upbringing. The tragic death of Azra’s father in Pakistan serves as the inspiration for her journey. She uses both real and made-up memories of his death to fuel her journey.

Among the ensemble cast members are Nimra Bucha (Ms. Marvel), Hamza Haq (Transplant on CTV), and Amrit Kaur (The Sex Lives of College Girls) from the television network HBO Max. The film also features the talents of several well-known actors, such as Gul e Rana, Ali A. Kazmi, Meher Jaffri, Bakhtawar Mazhar, and Adnan Jaffar. The director shared her feelings, saying that it was a lifelong dream to make a full-length film in Pakistan.

The film is the result of a unique international partnership between producers in two countries: Canadians Jason Levangie, Marc Tetreault, and Andria Wilson Mirza, and their Pakistani colleagues Kamil Chima and Carol Noronha. There were 40 days of filming total: 30 in Karachi in 2022 and 10 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Canadian cinematographer Matt Irwin and production designer Michael Pierson did excellent work bringing the film’s visual elements to life. The film’s style was enriched by the contributions of artists and costume designers based in Karachi, including Cyrus Kyranjia and Imran Naeem (art), Fizza Ejaz and Faiz Rohani (costume), and Minahil Chima and Nanson Gill (makeup).

Several Canadian organizations—including Telefilm Canada, the Canada Media Fund, Nova Scotia’s provincial government, Screen Nova Scotia, Ontario’s provincial government, and the federal government—provided funding for the film. For The Queen of My Dreams, the trio of Anam Abbas, Farjad Akhtar, and Ameer Hamza serve as executive producers.

The film’s premiere at TIFF is a major achievement for the filmmakers, who have worked hard to craft an original cinematic experience that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries for festivalgoers. The Queen of My Dreams is just another creative achievement for Pakistan on its way to international prominence.

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