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Threatening Calls, Affairs, and Morning Show Controversies: Nida Yasir, Nadia Khan, and Shaista Lodhi Open Up.

The leading trio of morning show royalty recently convened for a candid conversation, touching on topics like threatening calls and on-set affairs.


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In a rare and captivating gathering, the renowned trio of morning show icons—Nadia Khan, Shaista Lodhi, and Nida Yasir—came together for an insightful discussion on Shan e Suhoor. Renowned for their significant contributions to the morning show landscape, these three luminaries delved into the peaks and valleys of their careers, providing a glimpse into the challenges lurking behind the scenes.

Amidst moments of laughter and shared reminiscences, the conversation took a poignant turn as Nadia Khan recounted a chilling episode from her past. Recalling her experiences hosting live call-in segments, she shared a distressing encounter that still sends shivers down her spine.

A troubled caller, possibly grappling with depression, issued a disturbing ultimatum—demanding a face-to-face meeting with Nadia and threatening harm to her child if refused. The gravity of the situation left Nadia stunned, highlighting the unpredictable nature of live television.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Nadia shared, “It was a very unsettling call. Women struggling with depression often reached out. The caller expressed a desire to meet me, citing severe depression, and even threatened harm to her baby if I declined.” Her revelation elicited gasps of shock from her fellow hosts, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

The discussion further uncovered tales of on-set dramas involving celebrities, with Nida and Nadia recounting captivating anecdotes. Nida shared a surprising on-air revelation when a caller, claiming to be an actor’s sibling, divulged a real-life romance between on-screen partners. Meanwhile, Nadia recalled a tense moment when an actor’s spouse phoned in, alleging infidelity with a co-star, casting a shadow over the show’s promotion.

Shaista, well-versed in handling on-set challenges, recounted her experiences managing unruly celebrity guests. From navigating late-night antics to ensuring presentable appearances the next morning, her adept handling of unexpected situations underscored her resilience and professionalism.

The gathering served as a poignant reminder of the behind-the-scenes intricacies often overlooked in the glamorous realm of morning television. Beyond the glitz and laughter, the hosts’ revelations shed light on the emotional toll and pressures inherent in their roles as purveyors of morning entertainment.

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