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This is what Riz Ahmed had to say to the world after his Oscar win


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The Pakistani-Muslim actor Riz Ahmed went from being nominated for an Oscar to winning one. To his family, friends, and especially his wife, the British-Pakistani artist expressed his gratitude for being a totch in his darkness.

When Sound of Metal was nominated for an Academy Award last year, the Mogambo rapper finally won an Oscar this year. The Long Goodbye, a highly praised live-action short film, awarded Riz Ahmed his first Academy Award.


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Aneil Karia and he co-wrote this story, which is one of his own inventions.

The Emmy-winning artist turned to Instagram to post emotional messages of appreciation.

I thank God for the lessons he has given me. Aneil, you are a genius and one of the greatest filmmakers of your age, Caroline, thank you so much for all you’ve done to make this movie possible. The fact that you’re my sibling and have been supporting me on this path for so long means a lot to me, Astrid Ferguson, a G and an artist’s dream, DJ Bradfield.

Referring to his wife and children, Riz said

Fatima Faheem Mirza, my light amid the darkness, you have my gratitude, along with my whole family. As he accepted the award, Venom’s actor spoke about individuals who “feel like they don’t belong,” and paid tribute to his own immigrant heritage.

There is only one of us, and that’s what stories are for, especially in these divisive times.” You are not alone if you feel like you are in a no-land, man’s and we will meet you there. This is for everyone who feels this way. Therein lies our future.”

In an Instagram post, he echoed similar feelings, writing:

As a code-switcher, you learn to never bring your whole, unfiltered self to a conversation. It was simply that — our families and anxieties, the music and the message, Urdu and English – nothing was held back in this picture.”

The Nightcrawler star went on to discuss the benefits of dealing with difficult situations.

This film of all films is getting an Oscar nomination? Make the thing you don’t want to do,… it’s a lesson. Also, Oscar’s are a lot of weight, so be prepared. Having to carry one for 12 hours makes you feel like you’re going to dislocate your shoulder.

Perhaps there was a lesson, too—that the weight you bear is the reward, the anguish is the poetry, your gift/curse is equal. The more you face your difficulty, embrace it, and share it with others, the more you will rise above it. Exactly what we did here. Putting our fears on film transformed them into a dream,” he says.

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