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This is not a first-time occurrence in the media: ‘Tere Bin’s author defends the “marital rape’ scene.

According to Nooran Makhdoom, the production company and the content team both agreed on the chronology in question.


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If you’ve been on social media recently, you know that one hashtag has become ubiquitous.

As the credits roll at the end of episode 46 of the popular drama. In addition, the upcoming episode’s preview suggests marital rape will be addressed in Tere Bin. The dramatic shift in one of the show’s most popular characters has shocked viewers.

The unnecessary descent of Murtasim’s character development was criticized by many viewers, and the show’s creator was called out for it. The latter, however, has recently addressed the issue head-on.

“It’s a situation that was the demand of the serial that will lead to the climax,” Nooran Makhdoom, the writer of Tere Bin, told Arab News. She went on to say that she was stuck with the performance regardless of whether or not the audience understood. Just a drama,” they said.

The writer continued by saying that the content team and the production house had no issues with the new plot twist. In addition, “It’s not like this has happened onscreen for the first time,” she said. To which I reply, “It’s just that this project has received such widespread recognition. That people reacted strongly to the recent twist.

And the moment and the writing have her full support. “If you speak of my social responsibility, I created a story and I stand by it,” she said to the outlet. As a corollary, “And this is not an unusual occurrence; it has happened before.”

The pushback

Social media users were vocal in their displeasure and trepidation over the forthcoming program.

The next episode will premiere the following week.

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