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The unexpected ruling of the court has shocked everyone.

According to a political analyst, Imran is saving the establishment and the government at this critical time.


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The Islamabad High Court (IHC) unexpectedly granted Imran Khan exceptional relief, which shocked the PDM-led government.

Therefore, experts feel that Imran has won this round of his conflict with influential circles with the support of the superior judiciary.

One political analyst has said that the security establishment and civil administration, already unpopular with the populace due to inflation, have taken a major hit due to the higher courts coming to Imran’s rescue in these trying times.

The bench’s treatment of Imran during the hearing had an impact on the IHC, like every other court in the nation.

Depending on who you ask, the conclusion of the SC hearings might be the IHC issuing decisions in Imran’s favor or nothing at all.

The IHC ruled that in any criminal cases filed against Imran on or after May 9, MPO, etc., he would be immune from arrest.

Some legal professionals believe that the government botched the arrest of Imran.

One lawyer uses the example of how police mistreated a former chief justice of Pakistan while they were on the street.

As a result of what happened, the judges banded together to oppose the government of General (ret.) Pervez Musharraf.

In a similar vein, law enforcement officials detained Imran on IHC grounds without first obtaining authorization from the registrar.

The IHC judges’ remarks further demonstrate their obvious rage over the way Rangers disrespected the sanctity and dignity of the court.

A lawyer for Imran claims that the IHC justices were sending a message to those who disrespected the court on Friday by ruling in his favor.

In the Toshakhana case, even the chief justice of the IHC, Aamer Farooq, halted the trial court proceedings against Imran.

The IHC already posted the two judges’ judicial orders in the Tyrian White case.

Despite the IHC’s instructions, the PDM leadership made the decision to protest the CJP Bandial-led SC on Monday.

Senior PTI leaders are also concerned about Imran’s anti-establishment stance, notably his statement against the current army chief, according to sources quoted by The Express Tribune.

According to reports, Imran has reduced the amount of time spent consulting with top management on such matters.

If the government does not dissolve the National Assembly on May 14, Imran has requested the negotiation team exit the discussion process, which has astonished even top party leaders.

In the first week of July, even the government was on board with the idea of dissolving the parliament.

According to Prime Minister’s Special Assistant Jawad Malik, this is a victory for mob violence and arson and a defeat for law and order.

The properties and persons of the state and establishment were flagrantly attacked. He goes on to say that the PDM’s claims that the judiciary is biased have been vindicated by Imran Khan’s speedy release.

Expert lawyers believe it’s still early in the game.

The PDM administration and the establishment will not have been defeated if the Supreme Court postpones the Punjab Assembly elections for any reason.

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