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The multiverse of madness: Rakhi Sawant and Adnan Zafar get ‘deep’ in hilarious talk

The crossover between Rakhi Sawant and 'Ken Doll' Zafar is one that is very much appreciated in a podcast.


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The multiverse spins, allowing odd yet pleasant crossings. Rakhi Sawant chatted with Ken Doll, a Pakistani social media star. Ali Sufian Wasif’s PAADcast video shows the two stars addressing their fame-related issues.

“Life is incredibly tough for us,” Zafar says in the video. “Oh my God, I’m still a celebrity!” I think every morning. Bollywood’s notorious Sawant agrees with Zafar that people don’t understand their challenges. “People don’t understand our struggles,” she says.

“Actually, I feel bad for those who are yet to discover us,” Zafar jokes. Imagine life without Ken and Rakhi. Boring life” The “challenges” of monitoring social media notifications, responding to fans and advertisers, and managing several money accounts are discussed.

Zafar and Sawant discussed their increased environmental awareness. Sawant said Wasif was concerned about global warming and had stopped using cash in favour of bank transfers to save paper.

“I worry about global warming and the environment,” says Sawant. Because paper use wastes trees, I declined cash. Banking only.” Zafar hugs Sawant and exclaims, “Oh my God, Rakhi, you are such a queen.”

Wasif also posted an interaction with Sawant. “A very deep and intellectual #PAADcast with Rakhi Sawant where she raises her genuine concerns about the hypocrisy of society and its problems. I’m glad she came forward to raise her voice for the betterment of our future,” the host captioned the clip on his Instagram account.

In the video, Sawant adds, “In our society, there are so many problems, but no one says anything.” Interstellar music plays in the background. Wasif calmly replies, “I’m glad you’re here to raise your voice.”

Celebrating birthdays is futile because humans are selfish. “Humans are so selfish now,” says Sawant. “They take in air to breathe, but what do they give?” “Nobody teaches us this in school,” Wasif says seriously. I’m pleased. ” They’re also political. “Politicians fight elections,” adds Sawant philosophically. Fights begin. Peace, where?” Wasif sincerely says, “We need more people like you.”

Zafar, Wasif, and Sawant have a lively talk. Their podcast episode takes a lighthearted look at their ups and downs as they continue to amuse and engage their fans.

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