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The extravagant outfit that Rani Mukerji wore to a recent award event was the talk of the town. Learn More

Rani Mukerji's refined sense of style has often won over critics and fans. Let's decipher her new look while she's still wowing everyone.


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From the 1990s to now, Rani Mukerji’s style has evolved dramatically. She loved the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of Indian ethnic wear, so she wore it often throughout the 1990s. Over time, Rani began to incorporate modern elements into her designs, including sleek silhouettes and eye-catching patterns. She now skillfully combines classic style with a touch of glitz, selecting chic, high-end pieces that show off her impeccable taste. Rani Mukerji’s meteoric rise to fashion icon status reflects her ability to wear several hats creatively and successfully.

The internet went into an uproar over Rani Mukerji’s latest outfit, a beige pantsuit, because of her completely new sense of style. She stepped out of her comfort zone with this bold, modern ensemble, proving once and for all that she is a fashion powerhouse. Let’s crack her fashion code.

The ever-evolving style of Rani Mukerji

The Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway actress wore a beige pantsuit by ME+EM that oozed sophistication, drawing a lot of attention to herself. The suit’s vertical lines were seductive, and the lapel neck, which gave the impression of shortening her upper torso, added a unique flair to her ensemble. The flared bottoms of the pants gave them style and freedom of movement.

Rani paired her ensemble with a black silk shirt by designer Payal Khandelwal, which retails for a hefty Rs 63,875. The combination of these two high-end garments made the actress look beautiful and powerful, leaving an indelible impression on fashionistas everywhere.

I was wondering how Mukerji put together her outfit.

Rani Mukerji’s effortless beauty and refined style were on full display. Her well-contoured cheekbones added a touch of beauty and definition to her face, even though she didn’t wear much makeup. The waves in her hair gave her an aura of effortless beauty. She was wearing sunglasses with cat-eye frames, which gave her an air of mystery and sophistication. A tiny necklace was all that was around her neck, but its understated elegance was undeniable. Rani opted to round off her stylish ensemble with a pair of Gucci sneakers. Mukerji once again proved why she is a fashion icon by wearing an outfit that was both chic and effortless.

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