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The Bad-Ass villain looks that Rohit Choudhary sports in “Maar Sutteya” is popular with viewers.


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The new music video for the song “Maar Sutteya” by singer Gajendra Verma has been very well received. The villainous appearance of actor Rohit Choudhary, who plays a pivotal role in the music video, has received a lot of attention. The singer Gajendra Verma has partnered for the first time with the international band Flipsyde. The music of the song is pretty amazing with Punjabi words. During the music video, singer Gajendra Verma plays the hero, who escapes with his girlfriend (Nikkesha) while being pursued by Rohit Choudhary’s character, the don. There may not be much of Rohit’s character in the music video, but the film still manages to make an impression.

According to rumors, the video for this song was shot all over the state of Rajasthan. It was in this music video for Gajendra Verma’s hit song “Tera Ghata” that Rohit Choudhary made his acting debut. As Rohit explained, he was already a fan of Gajendra’s music before he received the call about participating in this project. After many days of searching, the casting director finally sent Rohit’s profile to director Vikram Singh, who cast him in the role of the villain in the film. It looked good.

According to Rohit, we completed filming in Jaipur in just two days despite not knowing when the dispute would be resolved during production. We were able to spend a lot of time with Gajendra Verma on set, which facilitated our work together during filming. Like his brother, the director Vikram Singh exudes an air of affability and kindness. I never had the impression that we were on unfamiliar ground when we began working together. When I was shooting, I felt like I was doing something I loved. Rohit said, “I generally stick to this look in this look of mine, although there has been a slight change in the look,” when asked about his appearance in the song.

It is our pleasure to inform you that Rohit Choudhary is a film financier and builder with a stellar reputation in the Delhi business community and among the city’s fitness enthusiasts. In the upcoming Marathi film “Aamdar Niwas,” Rohit Choud

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